For the destruction of evilness and bring the truth and love in us our Lord will always come down to Earth in different Avatars (forms) in every Yuga. But in this Kaliyuga which is conquered by “Maya”, where every living being on earth is burthen their sins, for which our Lord with great love, affection and bless Sir Kusumaharanath is born among us.

Earlier in this “Srusti”, as Lord Shivas the Dhamaru, Lord Rama’s Devine Bow and Lord Sri Krishna's melodies Flute which indicates “PRANAVAM, DHARMA and everlasting melodies songs is given by our Lord in this Kaliyuga by being a Devine PEN which is held by our loving Lord to provide spiritual messages to us.

To enhance the Lord’s Devine love and affection, His blessings, His Devine history, His Devine leelas and His spiritual messages among us is our small try.

Allways keep chanting Jai Haranatha Jai KusumaKumari Jai and be happy.
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